Beige pre-tied headscarf sparkly knit wrap

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  • LONG BEIGE PRE-TIED HEADSCARF WITH SPARKLE KNIT WRAP: Soft cotton headscarf is super comfy and long lasting with our flexible double stitch hems, and decorative over-lock finish! The sparkly knit wrap can be worn many ways!
  • CHEMO CANCER HAIR LOSS FRIENDLY: Made to be comfy with or without hair! This pre-tied bandana is super easy to put on and take off with soft stretch elastic!
  • HEAD COVER ADJUSTABLE TICHEL PRE-TIED BANDANA: Simply take small ties, and tie in a knot to desired snugness! Easy to throw on and go!
  • HEADCOVER FOR WOMEN; BOHO CHIC, HANDMADE, & GIFT READY!: Top quality fabric, over-lock, finishes, and embellishments! Headscarf comes with ShariRose hang tag, and handmade labels!

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